The "Deep Thinking to Move Life and Thoughts Forward" program is based on Focusing and Thinking at the Edge (TAE) - two practices from Eugene T. Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit. It integrates Robert Lee's Domain Focusing approach and many ideas I've developed over the past ten years of teaching TAE and "Philosophy into Practice" courses and applying Focusing and TAE for innovation and knowledge transfer in teams. The main features of the program are

  • Integration of the two methods Focusing and TAE to promote personal growth and creative deep thinking.

  • Personal growth and creative deep thinking are seen as mutually enriching strands.

  • Aspects of Gendlin's philosophy (e.g., the Thought-Ways of Thinking Beyond Patterns; the Functional Relationships of Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, examples of creating concepts in A Process Model) will be addressed to deepen the understanding of the methods.

  • Adaptations of the methods for specific applications and the development of an individual style are encouraged.

  • To make TAE more flexible, accessible, and fun the Thetaland®- The Game of Inquiry will be part of the program.

On February 8, 2024, at 1 pm EST, I will present the program and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The information session will cover the two-year Training and Certification Program and the upcoming course, "Though-Movements with the Felt Sense."

About me

Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee is a self-employed organizational psychologist certified as a person-centered counselor and focusing trainer. She encourages deep and interactive thinking for original creation, profound change, and sustainable solutions. In her work with individuals and teams, she integrates her experience from her previous career as a researcher and project manager and from teaching social and personal skills at universities.

With the Thetaland® Academy, she applies the principles and practices of Gendlin's philosophy of the implicit to innovation, teamwork, and leadership, using Thetaland®- The Game of Inquiry she co-developed in 2018.