Make Thetaland® Your Steady Companion

to Think at the Edge Without Getting Lost

An idea is lingering in you, but it is vague and foggy – the words may still be missing to say what you mean. Or you don’t know exactly what are you working on, or how to proceed … there is only a feel, a hunch you cannot express clearly. Or perhaps there is a given task you don’t know how to approach.

Years ago when I was in a situation like this I did a Focusing session on what might be the best way to proceed. What came for me was the following: “I need to give myself something like an impulse from outside.” My next question was, “What might that be?” At other times, when I was stuck, I wished someone would hold my hand to encourage me and offer me validation while writing, creating a new course, or preparing a presentation.

We have all experienced how a patient listener can help us unlock our creativity. But in our daily lives, when working on our professional tasks and developing new ideas, we are often left alone with our troubles and challenges. Even if people are around, they might not listen without judging or silencing us with their ideas.

We, too, are often poor listeners when it comes to listening to ourselves: We reject our ideas before they are even born and dismiss our results as not perfect enough. Our words seem shallow, the next step impossible, and solutions incomplete. What we need is to deepen our thoughts and go beyond our usual ways of thinking without being stuck by the uncertainty that comes with it.

The good news is that great advice to help you overcome blockages and think more creatively is available to everyone. Thetaland® is a one-of-a-kind tool that gets you out of negative self-talk and into the richness of your inner experience to create new meaning to help the actual situation of the creative process.

This course will help you to use Thetaland® as a companion for you and the people you work with. It can also provide a space for companions to enjoy and enhance creative thinking together.

Thetaland® Toolbox

A Treasure Box for Creative Thinking

The Thetaland® Toolbox is at the heart of the course. The Toolbox can be your trusted companion whenever you are thinking creatively. With the toolbox, you can always find a question or suggestion to overcome blockages and also be able to start a dialog with your felt knowing. You will experience the excitement and fun of exploring your inner world while feeling safe and sound.

The methodology used in Thetaland® is based on "Thinking at the Edge (TAE)," a practice that emerged from Eugene T. Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit. Thetaland® invites you to turn your attention to unclear topics and situations. It provides valuable triggers to nudge you beyond your usual ways of thinking and to tread new paths of thought.

The Thetaland® Toolbox includes 12 dwellings in 6 colors, 144 question cards (12 per dwelling), 24 photo cards, 10 manual cards, 1 prologue card, and 1 epilogue card. Each color represents a different mode of being and thinking, while each dwelling represents a unique metaphor. This allows you to explore your topic from a variety of different perspectives.

Get your Thetaland® Toolbox

You can purchase the Thetaland® Toolbox at the store of The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) for the of $35.

What the Course Includes

to Get the Most Out of the Thetaland® Toolbox

  • 2 Introductory Sessions on Zoom

    During the first session, you will get acquainted with the Thetaland® Toolbox, its colors, dwellings, and questions. You will familiarize yourself with how to go on a creative journey in Thetaland® with the help of roadmaps. In the second session, you will learn about the story of Thetaland's development and the methodology behind it.

  • 2 Practice Sessions on Zoom

    Each 2-hour practice session will be a journey through Thetaland® with demonstrations and break-out time to practice with other participants. You will get additional input on how to play and suggestions for applications you are interested in. You are invited to ask questions and bring up any challenges you may have encountered.

  • 24 Weekly Inspiration Emails

    Following the introductory sessions, you will receive a weekly impulse by e-mail to inspire and support you on your journey in Thetaland®. These 24 prompts will help you discover more ways to work with your toolbox. They will also encourage you to say what you have not yet been able to say about a topic or problem you are working on.

  • Community

    It is so much more enjoyable to travel with others. By signing up for the course, you will be included in the Thetaland® Community. The community functions like a social media group, where you can share your experiences working with the toolbox, ask questions, and participate in discussions. You can also find a companion to join you on your creative journey. Check it out and introduce yourself!

  • Access to the Learning Portal

    You will have permanent access to the learning portal with all the course materials, exercises, and recordings.

What you will experience

By letting me know your expectations and needs, you can shape the course to make it a unique experience.

  • You will gain a deep understanding of the idea of Thetaland® so you can use its full capacity.

  • The course helps you adapt the Thetaland method to your needs and specific applications and use the toolbox for your professional work.

  • Weekly impulses help you explore Thetaland® with ease while also sticking with a topic you are currently working on.

  • You will learn from and with other participants how to expand the possibilities of working with Thetaland®.

  • You will experience how the toolbox becomes your inspiring companion that is always at hand.

Bonus Material and Special Offers

  • Additional Course Material

    You will also be provided with additional resources that are not included in the Thetaland® toolbox: The Thetaland® dwelling "The Waterfall" with inspirational suggestions for relaxation. You will also receive audios of the prologue, the epilogue, and attunements to help you immerse yourself in your creative space.

  • Preview of the Thetaland® Toolbox 2

    You will get a peek into the new Thetaland® Toolbox 2 with access to selected questions and suggestions so you can deepen and broaden your creative process even further.

  • Benefits for Signing up by December 31

    It pays off doubly to sign up now! 1) You’ll be able to take advantage of TIFI’s Holiday Sales and save 25% for your Thetaland® Toolbox. 2) You’ll get the early bird sign-up fee for the course and save 15%.

Dates and Times

The next course will start in September 2024.

Make Thetaland® Your Steady Companion

to explore your inner wealth without limits.

Course Fees

You have the choice to either pay the entire fee at once or make 6 monthly payments.


The most common feedback we get is, "The questions work.” See what else people share about Thetaland® and my courses.

Thetaland Works

by Maria Hakasalo, Finland

I just got the Thetaland yesterday, and this morning I played it first time by myself (30 min game time). Oh boy, it really worked! I had a complex situation with other people and I needed to react to it today. Going through the questions and writing about them gave me so deep understanding about the whole situation and some very surprising connections that I had had no clue about. After it I was able to “react” to the issue so beautifully and warmly, which would have not been the case without playing the game. The response what I received from the counterparts afterwards was so beautiful.


by Ruth Hirsch, Israel

Every time I feel stuck, confused, or empty of ideas about how to move forward, all I need to do is open Thetaland and answers are readily apparent. What I discover is that the answers are already inside of me. Thetaland is so clear, so user-friendly, and so positive. It offers a terrain so very different from what is often a frozen, or critic-laden inner atmosphere.


by Brigitte Moretti, Italy

I felt lately, “I have TO DO something about my specific way of being a physical therapist with children.” What is it that I do with children (and working with parents, too) that makes a difference? Stepping into Thetaland with Evelyn and the group was like entering a playground that I realized was the playground I usually share with children. The crossing began spontaneously. Give your investigative, imaginative, trusting way of being a chance to travel in a sort of Yourstoryland.

Emerging Coherence

by Dr. Ariane Wahl, Germany

Thetaland supports groups and individuals to immerse themselves in a creative process and develop tailor-made concepts from their own experience. By oscillating between thinking and feeling, a coherence emerges that can be felt by all participants and stimulates their energy for implementation.

Hi, I am looking forward to going on this journey with you

Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee is a self-employed organizational psychologist certified as a person-centered counselor and focusing trainer. She encourages deep and interactive thinking for original creation, profound change, and sustainable solutions. In her work with individuals and teams, she integrates her experience from her previous career as a researcher and project manager and from teaching social and personal skills at universities.

With the Thetaland® Academy, she applies the principles and practices of Gendlin's philosophy of the implicit to innovation, teamwork, and leadership, using Thetaland®- The Game of Inquiry she co-developed in 2018.

Make Thetaland® Your Steady Companion

to explore your inner wealth without limits.

Do you have any questions?

You might find answers from the FAQ below or write an email. I am happy to say more about the course and to answer your questions.



  • Do I need to have the Thetaland® Toolbox for the course?

    Yes, you need to get a Thetaland® Toolbox if you haven't already one. The course is designed explicitly for working with the Thetaland® Toolbox. (There is an exception: If you have the Thetaland® Toolkit, you will get inspiration out of the course as well)

  • What happens if my Thetaland® Toolbox has not arrived by the start of the course?

    You will get all the contents of the Toolbox as PDFs, which you can download.

  • What if I have to miss a session?

    All the sessions will be recorded and available on the learning portal. Though you cannot ask questions during the sessions, you can get answers if you post them in advance in the community group.